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School Closing Alerts
Choose the Schools you want closing alerts for.
  A L Holmes Elem-Middle
  Abcott Institute
  ABT Elem
  ABT High
  Academic Gardens Preschool
  Academy of Animal Arts
  Academy of Southfield
  Academy of the Sacred Heart
  Academy of Warren
  Academy of Waterford
  Acdmy of International Studies
  ACE Acdmy (SDA)
  Achieve Charter Acdmy
  Acme Testing High
  Acme Testing Middle
  Adat Shalom Synagogue
  Addison Community Schools
  Advanced Technology Acdmy
  Aim High School
  Airport Community Schools
  Akiva Hebrew Day
  Al-Ikhlas Training Acdmy
  Alex-Marie Manoogian
  Algonac Community Schools
  All Saints Catholic
  Allen Park High
  Allen Park Public Schools
  Almont Community Schools
  Am Montessori Acdmy Upper
  Am Montessori Acdmy-Lower
  Amazing Learning Acdmy
  American International Acdmy
  Anchor Bay School District
  Andersonville Elem
  Ann Arbor Acdmy
  Ann Arbor Christian
  Ann Arbor Learning Community
  Ann Arbor Public Schools
  Ann Arbor Trail Magnet
  Arbor Prep High
  Arc Dearborn
  Aress Networking Acdmy
  Armada Area Schools
  Art Institute of Michigan-Novi
  Art Institute of Michigan-Troy
  Arts Acdmy in the Woods
  Arts and Technology Acdmy
  Ashland Seminary
  Assumption Center
  Assumption Nursery
  Auburn Elem
  Auburn Hills Christian
  Austin Catholic Acdmy
  Avondale High
  Avondale School District
  Bagley Elem
  Bailey Lake Elem
  Baker College of Allen Park
  Baker College of Auburn Hills
  Baker College of Clinton Township
  Baker College of Port Huron
  Baldwin Road Church Acdmy
  Baptist Park Christian K-12
  Baptist Park Preschool
  Bates Acdmy
  Bedford Public Schools
  Berkley School District
  Beth Shalom-Ctr for Jewish Learning
  Beth Shalom-Gan Shalom Early Child
  Bethany Christian
  Bethlehem Lutheran Early Learning
  Birmingham Public Schools
  Bishop Foley Catholic High
  Blackwell Institute
  Blanche Kelso Bruce Acdmy
  Blanche Sims Elem
  Bloomfield Day School Montessori
  Bloomfield Hills School District
  Bloomfield Maples Montessori
  Bloomin Tots at Fox Hills
  Blue Water Choices
  Blue Water Cosmetology
  Bow Elem-Middle
  Bradford Acdmy
  Branch Line School
  Brandon School District
  Breithaupt Career & Tech Ctr
  Brewer Elem-Middle
  Bridge Acdmy East
  Bridge Acdmy West
  Brighton Area Schools
  Brighton Institute of Cosmetology
  Brighton Montessori
  Britton Deerfield Schools
  Brookfield Acdmy-Livonia
  Brookfield Acdmy-Rochester
  Brookfield Acdmy-Troy
  Brookfield Acdmy-W Bloomfield
  Brother Rice High
  Brown Acdmy-Detroit
  Brown City School District
  Burton International
  Cabrini Elem & Middle
  Cabrini High
  Calvary Christian Acdmy-Ypsilanti
  Calvary Christian-Royal Oak
  Cambridge Computer Institute
  Caniff Liberty Acdmy
  Canton Charter Acdmy
  Capac Community Schools
  Capac Senior Center
  Capstone Acdmy Charter
  Cardinal Mooney Catholic High
  Career Health Studies Inst
  Carnegie Institute
  Carsonville-Port Sanilac Schools
  Carver Elem-Middle
  Catherine Ferguson Acadmy
  CDI-Detroit Head Start
  Cedar Crest Acdmy/Early Child Ctr
  Center Line Public Schools
  Central Acdmy
  Cesar Chavez Acdmy District
  Chandler Park Acdmy
  Charles R Drew Transition Ctr
  Charles Wright Elem
  Charlotte Mason Community
  Charyl Stockwell Acdmy-Howell
  Charyl Stockwell Prep Acdmy
  Chatfield Acdmy
  Chelsea School District
  Children of Grace Montessori
  Children's Ark Learning
  Children's Center Head Start Acdmy
  Chippewa Valley School District
  Christ Our Saviour Lutheran
  Christ the King Catholic Elem
  Christ the King Lutheran
  Christian Leadership Acdmy
  Christian Montessori of Ann Arbor
  Christios Child Care & Acdmy
  CHS Group-Washtenaw
  Civic Park Senior Center
  Clara B. Ford Acdmy
  Clarenceville School District
  Clarkston Community Schools
  Clawson Early Childcare
  Clawson Public Schools
  Clinton Twp. Senior Ctr.
  Clintondale Community Schools
  Clippert Acdmy
  Close To Home Child Care Lrn Ctr
  Coleman Young Elem
  College for Creative Studies
  Commonwealth Comm Dev Acdmy
  Community Day Care and Preschool
  Community Enterprises of St. Clair
  Concordia Lutheran South
  Concordia Lutheran-North
  Conner Creek Acdmy East
  Consortium College Prep High
  Cook's Acdmy
  Cooke Elem
  Cornerstone Charter Health High
  Cornerstone Christian
  Council on Aging, Inc.-St. Clair
  Covenant House Acdmy Central
  Covenant House Acdmy East
  Covenant House Acdmy Southwest
  Cranbrook - All Schools
  Cranbrook Art Museum
  Cranbrook Institute of Science
  Creative Employment Anchorville
  Creative Employment Clinton Twp.
  Creative Employment Livonia
  Creative Employment Mt. Clemens
  Creative Employment Pontiac
  Creative Employment Shelby Twp.
  Creative Employment Washington Twp.
  Creative Employment Wayne
  Creative Montessori Acdmy
  Creative Montessori Ctr
  Crescent Acdmy
  Crescent Acdmy Int.
  Crescentwood Elem
  Crestwood High
  Crestwood School District
  Cross of Glory Lutheran
  Croswell-Lexington Comm Schools
  Crown of Life Lutheran
  CSDD Chesterfield
  CSDD Shelby
  CSDD Warren
  David Ellis Acdmy West-Redford
  David Ellis Acdmy-Detroit
  David Pressly Cosmtlgy.
  Daycroft Montessori-Oakbrook
  Daycroft Montessori-Zeeb Road
  Dearborn Christian Preschool
  Dearborn Early Learning Ctr
  Dearborn Heights Montessori Ctr
  Dearborn Heights School District #7
  Dearborn Public Schools
  Deckerville School District
  Deer Trail Acdmy
  DeLaSalle Collegiate High
  Detroit Acdmy of Arts and Sciences
  Detroit Achievement Acdmy
  Detroit Bible Inst - Detroit Campus
  Detroit Catholic Central High
  Detroit Christian Schools
  Detroit Community Schools
  Detroit Country Day Junior
  Detroit Country Day-All
  Detroit Cristo Rey High
  Detroit Edison Public Acdmy
  Detroit Enterprise Acdmy
  Detroit Innovation Acdmy
  Detroit Leadership Acdmy Mid/High
  Detroit Leadership Acdmy-Virgil
  Detroit Merit Charter Acdmy
  Detroit Premier Acdmy
  Detroit Public Safety Acdmy
  Detroit Public Schools
  Detroit Service Learning Acdmy
  Detroit Waldorf School
  Detroit West Prep Acdmy
  DeVry University
  Dexter Community Schools
  Diapers 2 Diplomas CLC
  Divine Child Elem
  Divine Child High
  Divine Grace Lutheran
  Dixon Edu Learning Acdmy
  Dominican Literacy Center
  Dorsey-Madison Hts.
  Dossin Elem
  Doughty Montessori
  Dove Acdmy of Detroit
  Dr. Charles Drew Acdmy
  Dryden Community Schools
  Dundee Community Schools
  EAA Bethune Elem-Middle
  EAA Brenda Scott Elem-Middle
  EAA Burns Middle
  EAA Central Collegiate Acdmy
  EAA Denby High
  EAA Henry Ford High
  EAA Law Acdmy
  EAA Mumford High
  EAA Murphy Elem-Middle
  EAA Nolan Elem
  EAA Pershing High
  EAA Phoenix Elem-Middle
  EAA Southeastern High
  EAA Stewart Elem-Middle
  EAA Trix Elem-Middle
  Eagle Creek Acdmy
  Eagles Nest Montessori
  Early Childhood Center-Warren
  Early College Alliance-Eastern
  Early College of Excellence
  East Arbor Acdmy
  East China School District
  East Detroit Public Schools
  East Middle-Plymouth
  Eastgate Early Learning Center
  Eastland Middle
  Eaton Acdmy
  Ecorse Public Schools
  Edison Elem-Detroit
  Einstein Elem
  Emerson Elem-Middle-Detroit
  Emerson-Ann Arbor
  Emmanuel Lutheran
  Erickson Elem
  Escuela Avancemos! EA Acdmy
  Eton Acdmy
  Everest Acdmy
  Everest Collegiate High
  Evergreen Lutheran
  Experiencia Prep Acdmy
  Faith Christian-Clinton Twp
  Farmington Public Schools
  Faxon Language Immersion Acdmy
  Fenton Area Public Schools
  Ferndale Montessori Center
  Ferndale Public Schools
  Fillmore Elem
  First Friends Montessori
  Fitzgerald Public Schools
  Flagship Charter Acdmy
  Flat Rock Community Schools
  FlexTech High
  Ford Memorial Head Start
  Foreign Lang Immersion
  Fortis Acdmy
  Four Corners Montessori Acdmy
  Fowlerville Community Schools
  Fr Gabriel Richard High
  Frankel Jewish Acdmy
  Franklin Acdmy
  Franklin Christian Prschl
  Franklin Road Christian
  Fraser Public Schools
  Freedom Work Oakland Co
  Friends School in Detroit
  Frontier International Acdmy
  Gabriel Richard Catholic High
  Garden City Public Schools
  Gardner Elem-Detroit
  Gateway Montessori
  Gaudior Acdmy
  GEE Edmonson Academy
  GEE White Academy
  Genanscot Services
  Genesee Christian School
  George Crockett Acdmy
  George Washington Carver Acdmy
  Gesu Elem
  Gibraltar School District
  Giggle Gang Day Care-Troy
  Giving Tree Montessori
  Glazer Acdmy
  Glen Peters School
  Global Heights Acdmy
  Global Information Tech
  Global Preparatory Acdmy
  Go Like the Wind Montessori
  God's Little Schoolhouse
  Good Shepherd Head Start
  Good Shepherd Lutheran-Lake Orion
  Goodrich Area Schools
  Graham Elem-Harrison Twp
  Grand Blanc Community Schools
  Great Lakes Acdmy
  Great Oaks Acdmy-Warren
  Greater Ebenezer Child Care
  Green House Montessori
  Greenhills School
  Grosse Ile Township Schools
  Grosse Pointe Acdmy
  Grosse Pointe Nursery
  Grosse Pointe Public Schools
  Guardian Angels Catholic
  Guardian Lutheran
  Guidance Ctr Head Start Erving
  Guidance Ctr Head Start Yake
  Guidance Ctr Head Start-Huron
  Guidance Ctr-Belleville Head Start
  Guidance Ctr-Flat Rock Head Start
  Guidance Ctr-Lincoln Prk Head Start
  Guidance Ctr-River Rouge Head Start
  Guidance Ctr-Romulus Head Start
  Guidance Ctr-Southgate Head Start
  Guidance Ctr-Taylor Head Start
  Hamilton Acdmy
  Hamtramck Acdmy
  Hamtramck Public Schools
  Hand N Hand Child Care
  Handprints Christian Early Lrn Ctr
  Hanley International Acdmy
  Harper Woods School District
  Hartland Consolidated Schools
  Hatherly Elem
  Haviland Elem
  Hazel Park Adult Ed.
  Hazel Park Community Schools
  HEART Acdmy
  Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor
  Henry Ford Acdmy Elem-Detroit
  Henry Ford Acdmy-Dearborn
  Henry Ford Acdmy: Creative Studies
  Henry Ford Comm College
  Heritage Early Learning Ctr
  High Achievers Montessori
  Highland Park Ren Acdmy High
  Highland Park Ren Acdmy-Barber
  Highland Pk. Ren. Acad. Henry Ford
  Hillel Day
  Holden Elem
  Holly Acdmy
  Holly Area School District
  Holy Cross Catholic
  Holy Family Regional North
  Holy Family Regional South
  Holy Ghost Lutheran
  Holy Name Catholic
  Holy Redeemer Elem
  Holy Spirit Catholic
  Holy Spirit Religious Education
  Homeschool Connections Farm. Hills
  Homeschool Connections Roch Hills
  Honey Creek Community
  Hope Acdmy
  Hope of Detroit Acdmy
  Howell Public Schools
  Huron Academy
  Huron High-Ann Arbor
  Huron School District
  Huron Valley Catholic
  Huron Valley Lutheran High
  Huron Valley Schools
  Hutchinson Elem-Middle
  Ida Public Schools
  Imlay City Christian
  Imlay City Schools
  Immaculate Cncptn Catholic-Warren
  Immaculate Conception Elem- Ira
  Immaneul Lutheran-St. Clair
  Immanuel Lutheran-Macomb
  Independence Elem
  Inter-City Baptist
  International Acdmy of Design
  International Acdmy of Macomb
  International Islamic Acdmy
  International Montessori Acdmy
  Intl Prep Acdmy MacDowell
  Iris Center Head Start
  Jalen Rose Leadership Acdmy
  Japhet School
  JCC of Greater Ann Arbor
  Jefferson Intl Acdmy
  Jefferson School District
  John Paul II Catholic
  John R King Acdmy
  Joy Prep Acdmy-Dexter
  Joy Prep Acdmy-Oakman
  JTots Childcare and Preschool
  Keidan Special Ed Ctr
  Kelly Middle
  Kensington Woods High
  Key Elem
  Keystone Acdmy
  Kingdom Kids Montessori
  Kings Kids Preschool & Daycare
  Kingsbury Country Day
  Krambrooke Children's Center
  L'Anse Creuse Public Schools
  Ladywood High
  Lahser High
  Lake Fenton Community Schools
  Lake Orion Baptist
  Lake Orion Community Schools
  Lake Shore Public Schools
  Lakecrest Baptist
  Lakes Area Montessori
  Lakeview Public Schools (Macomb)
  Lakeville Community Schools
  Lakeville Elem
  Lamphere Public Schools
  Landmark Acdmy
  Language Center Intnl
  Lapeer Co Ed-Tech Ctr
  Lapeer Community Schools
  Laurus Acdmy
  Lawrence Tech
  Learning Links Acdmy
  Legacy Charter Acdmy
  Lenawee Christian
  Leonard Elem-Oxford
  Life Skills Center of Pontiac
  Life Skills Choices
  Life Skills Opportunities
  Life Skills Voc Training Ctr.
  Light of the World Academy
  Lil' Munchkins Child Care
  Lincoln Consolidated Schools
  Lincoln Elem
  Lincoln High-Warren
  Lincoln Middle-Warren
  Lincoln Park High
  Lincoln Park Public Schools
  Lincoln-King Acdmy
  Linden Community Schools
  Little Lamb Nursery & Kind
  Little Lambs at CCC
  Little Turtle Prschl
  Living Word Lutheran
  Livingston Christian Schools
  Livingston ESA
  Livonia Montessori
  Livonia Public Schools
  Love and Peace Montessori
  Loyola High
  Ludington Magnet Middle
  Lutheran High NW
  Lutheran High South
  Lutheran High-North
  Lutheran High-Westland
  Macomb Acdmy
  Macomb Children's Acdmy
  Macomb Christian Schools
  Macomb Comm College-Center Campus
  Macomb Comm College-South Campus
  Macomb County Head Start
  Macomb ISD-Special Ed Pgms
  Macomb Life Skills
  Macomb Montessori Acdmy
  Madison Acdmy HS Campus
  Madison Acdmy K-8 Campus
  Madison Dist Public Schools-Oakland
  Madison-Carver Acdmy
  Madonna University-Livonia
  Madonna University-Orchard Lake Ctr
  Madonna University-SWEEP
  Manchester Community Schools
  Mann Elem
  Marian High
  Marketti Acdmy of Cosmetology
  Marlette School District
  Marygrove College
  Marysville Public Schools
  Mason Elem-Middle Detroit
  Matrix Vistas Nuevas Head Start
  Maybury Elem
  MCISD Ed Ctr/Trans Ctr
  MCISD Pre-School Program
  Melvindale-N Allen Park Schools
  Memphis Community Schools
  Mercy Education Project
  Mercy High
  Meridian Elem
  Merritt Acdmy
  Metro Baptist
  Metro Charter Acdmy
  Metro Detroit Barber College
  Metropolitan SDA Junior Acdmy
  Michigan Barber School
  Michigan College of Beauty-Troy
  Michigan College of Beauty-Wtrfrd
  Michigan Islamic Acdmy
  Michigan Math & Science Acdmy
  Michigan School For The Arts
  Michigan School of Prof Psychology
  Michigan Technical Acdmy-Elem
  Michigan Technical Acdmy-Middle
  Milan Area Schools
  Milford High
  Milford Montessori
  Miss NeNe's Childcare
  Momentum Academy
  Monroe County Community College
  Monroe County Middle College
  Monroe Intermediate School District
  Monroe Public Schools
  Montessori Center of Our Lady
  Montessori Center-Downriver
  Montessori Child Development Ctr
  Montessori Children's-Allen Park
  Montessori Childrens Acdmy-Clinton
  Montessori School of Clarkston
  Moody Theological Seminary
  Most Holy Trinity Elem
  Motion Picture Institute
  Mr. Bela's School Of Cosmetology
  MSU Community Music School-Detroit
  Mt Clemens Community Schools
  Mt. Clemens Montessori Acdmy
  Mt. Hope Lutheran
  Multicultural Acdmy
  Muslim American Youth Acdmy
  My Baby And Me
  Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse-Detroit
  Neinas Elem
  New Beginning Head Start
  New Beginning's Child Ctr-Chicago
  New Beginning's Child Ctr-Drbn
  New Beginnings Acdmy
  New Center Learning Lab
  New Haven Community Schools
  New Haven Endeavour Elem-Middle
  New Horizons/ Learning-Plymouth
  New Life Christian Acdmy
  New Morning
  New Paradigm College Prep
  New Prospect Learning Lab
  New St. Paul Head Start
  Nexus Academy Royal Oak
  Noah's Ark Chrstn Prschl-Wayne
  Noah's Ark Chrstn Prschl-Ypsilanti
  Noor International Acdmy
  North Branch Area Schools
  North Hills Child Care
  North Sashabaw Elem
  Northpointe Acdmy
  Northville Christian
  Northville Montessori Center
  Northville Public School District
  Northwestern Tech Inst
  Notre Dame Lower Division
  Notre Dame Prep
  NOVA Discipline Acdmy
  Novi Community School District
  Novi Woods Montessori Acdmy
  Novi-Northville Montessori
  NP Loving Academy
  Oak Park Alt. Educ. Ctr.
  Oak Park Freshman Institute
  Oak Park High
  Oak Park Prep
  Oak Park Schools
  Oak Trails
  Oakdale Acdmy
  Oakland Children's Acdmy
  Oakland Christan-Auburn Hills
  Oakland Christian-Clarkston
  Oakland Comm College-All Campuses
  Oakland FlexTech Acdmy
  Oakland Int Acdmy-Elem
  Oakland Int Acdmy-Intmdt
  Oakland Intl Acdmy High
  Oakland Intl Acdmy Middle
  Oakland Schools
  Oakland Steiner School
  Oakland Tech-NE Campus
  Oakland Tech-NW Campus
  Oakland Tech-SE Campus
  Oakland Tech-SW Campus
  Oakland University
  Oakside Scholars Charter Acdmy
  Oakwood Jr Acdmy
  Old Redford Acdmy Elem Detroit
  Old Redford Acdmy High
  Old Redford Acdmy Middle
  OLHSA Brandon Head Start
  OLHSA Hazel Park Head Start
  OLHSA Oak Park Head Start
  OLHSA Pontiac GSRP
  OLHSA Pontiac Head Start
  OLHSA Royal Oak Head Start
  OLHSA Troy Head Start
  Osborn Acdmy Math Science Tech
  Osborn Evergreen-Design Alt. Energy
  Osborn Prep Acdmy
  Osher Lifelong Learning
  Our Lady of Refuge
  Our Lady of Sorrows
  Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic
  Our Lady of Victory
  Our Lady Queen of Martyrs
  Our Lady Star of the Sea
  Our Little Rascals Learning Center
  Our Savior Lutheran
  Our Shepherd Lutheran Daycare
  Our Shepherd Lutheran School
  Oxford Acdmy Montessori
  Oxford Community Schools
  Oxford Middle
  P&A Scholars Beauty-Detroit
  P&A Scholars Beauty-Ferndale
  P&A Scholars Beauty-Redford
  Palmer Park Prep Acdmy
  Parkway Christian
  Pasteur Elem
  Pauline Multicultural Mont.
  Peace Lutheran-Livonia
  Peace Lutheran-Shelby Twp
  Peace Lutheran-Warren
  Peck Community Schools
  Peck Elem-Warren
  Pentecostal Christian Acdmy
  Pepper Elem
  Perry Nursery of Ann Arbor
  Peterson-Warren Acdmy
  Pinckney Community Schools
  Pine River Elem
  Pleasantview Elem
  Plymouth Christian Acdmy
  Plymouth Edu Center K-8
  Plymouth Edu Center-Prep High
  Plymouth Scholars Charter Acdmy
  Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
  Plymouth-Canton Montessori
  Pollack Academic Ctr of Excellence
  Pontiac Acdmy for Excellence
  Pontiac School District
  Port Huron Area School District
  Port Huron Senior Center
  Powell Middle
  Precious Child Learning Center
  Premiere Preschool
  Pressley Cosmetology-Taylor
  Prevail Acdmy
  Quality Learning Center
  Quest Charter Acdmy
  Randolph Career & Tech Ctr
  Reach Charter Acdmy
  Rebecca's Learning Center
  Redford Union School District
  Regent Park Scholars Acdmy
  Regina High
  Renaissance Head Start
  Richmond Community Schools
  Rising Stars Acdmy
  River Rouge High
  River Rouge School District
  Riverside Acdmy East
  Riverside Acdmy West
  Riverview School District
  Roberto Clemente - Detroit
  Rochester College
  Rochester Community Schools
  Rochester Hills Christian
  Roeper Lower
  Roeper Middle-Upper
  Romeo Community Schools
  Romeo Life Skills
  Romulus Community Schools
  Roosevelt Elem-Keego Harbor
  Roseville Community Schools
  Ross Hill Acdmy
  Ross Medical-Ann Arbor
  Royal Oak School District
  Rudolf Steiner-Ann Arbor
  Rutherford Winans Academy
  Sacred Heart-Dearborn
  Saginaw Valley-Macomb
  Saint Catherine of Siena Acdmy
  Saint Charles Borremeo Catholic
  Saline Area Schools
  Sandusky School District
  Sanilac Int School District
  Sanilac Special Ed.
  Sarah J Webber Media Arts Acdmy
  Sashabaw Middle
  Scholars Cosmetology University
  Schoolcraft College
  Schoolhouse Montessori Canton
  Schoolhouse Montessori-Farm Hills
  Schoolhouse Montessori-Troy
  Schulze Elem
  Schweitzer Elem
  Servicar-North Oakland
  Servicar-South Oakland
  Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran
  Shrine Catholic Grade
  Shrine Catholic High & Acdmy
  Siena Heights University
  Siena Literacy Center
  Siersma Elem
  Small Wonders Learning Center
  Social Resources Fraser
  Social Resources Macomb
  South Arbor Acdmy
  South Canton Scholars Acdmy
  South Lake Schools
  South Pointe Scholars
  South Redford School District
  South University
  Southfield Christian
  Southfield Public Schools
  Southgate Adult Edu/Asher
  Southgate Community Schools
  Spanish For Toddlers
  Specs Howard
  Spiritus Sanctus Acdmy-Ann Arbor
  Spiritus Sanctus Acdmy-Plymouth
  Springfield Christian Acdmy
  St. Anne Catholic
  St. Anselm Catholic
  St. Augustine Catholic
  St. Clair County Community College
  St. Clair TEC
  St. Clare of Montefalco
  St. Damian Catholic
  St. Edith Catholic
  St. Edward on the Lake Elem
  St. Fabian Catholic
  St. Francis of Assisi
  St. Genevieve Catholic
  St. Germaine Catholic
  St. Hugo of the Hills
  St. Isaac Jogues Catholic
  St. Joan of Arc Catholic
  St. John Lutheran-Fraser
  St. John Lutheran-Rochester
  St. John's Evg Lutheran-New Boston
  St. John's Evg Lutheran-Westland
  St. John's Lutheran-Taylor
  St. Joseph Catholic-Lake Orion
  St. Joseph Schl.
  St. Joseph's Acdmy-Richmond
  St. Joseph-Trenton
  St. Lawrence Catholic School
  St. Linus Catholic
  St. Luke Lutheran
  St. Margaret / Faith Formation
  St. Mary Catholic-Mt Clemens
  St. Mary Catholic-Royal Oak
  St. Mary Catholic-Wayne
  St. Mary CDC Schl.
  St. Mary School-Pinckney
  St. Mary School-St. Clair
  St. Mary's Preparatory
  St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Acdmy
  St. Matthew Lutheran-Walled Lake
  St. Matthew Lutheran-Westland
  St. Michael Catholic-Livonia
  St. Michael Lutheran
  St. Patrick Catholic -White Lake
  St. Paul Christian Prschl
  St. Paul Lutheran-Ann Arbor
  St. Paul Lutheran-Lapeer
  St. Paul Lutheran-Livonia
  St. Paul Lutheran-Royal Oak
  St. Paul on the Lake Catholic
  St. Peter Lutheran-Eastpointe
  St. Peter Lutheran-Macomb
  St. Peter's Lutheran-Richmond
  St. Philip Lutheran/Prschl
  St. Pius Catholic-Southgate
  St. Raphael Catholic
  St. Regis Catholic
  St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic
  St. Sebastian Catholic
  St. Stephen Catholic-New Boston
  St. Thecla Catholic Elem
  St. Thomas Lutheran
  St. Thomas More Acdmy
  St. Thomas-Ann Arbor
  St. Valentine Catholic
  St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center
  Star Intrnl Acdmy-George
  Star Intrnl Acdmy-Hass
  Starr Detroit Acdmy
  Stautzenberger Institute
  Stepanski Early Childhood Ctr
  Success Mile Acdmy
  Summit Acdmy North Elem
  Summit Acdmy North High
  Summit Acdmy North Middle
  Summit Acdmy-Flat Rock
  Sunflower Montessori LLC
  Sunny Pointe Child Care Center
  SW Detroit Lighthouse Acdmy
  Sylvan Learning Ctr of Troy
  Sylvan Learning of Sterling Heights
  Sylvan Learning-Ann Arbor
  Sylvan Learning-Novi
  Sylvan Learning-W Bloomfield
  Tawheed Center of Detroit
  Taylor Exemplar Acdmy
  Taylor International Acdmy
  Taylor Prep High
  Taylor School District
  Tecumseh Public Schools
  Temple Beth El
  Temple Beth El-Early Childhood Ctr.
  Temple Israel Early Childhood Ctr.
  Temple of Faith Baptist
  The Boggs School
  The Dearborn Acdmy
  The Gallery College of Beauty
  The Intrnl School-Farmington Hills
  The New Standard
  Timbuktu Acdmy K-8
  Tinkham Alternative Edu
  Tipton Acdmy
  TOFM Chapel Hill
  TOFM Head Start
  TOFM Home of Love
  TOFM Joy Center
  TOFM Little Rock Angels
  TOFM St. John Center
  TOFM Tabernacle
  Trenton Christian Preschool
  Trenton Public Schools
  Trillium Acdmy
  Trinity Christian Acdmy
  Trinity Lutheran-Clinton Twp
  Trinity Lutheran-Monroe
  Trinity Lutheran-Utica
  Triumph Acdmy
  Troy High
  Troy School District
  Turning Point Acdmy
  United Children Head Start
  Unity Head Start
  Univ Learning Acdmy-Westland
  Univ of Detroit Jesuit High & Acdmy
  Univ of Detroit Mercy-Dental
  Univ of Michigan-Flint
  Univ of Phoenix-Ann Arbor
  Univ Prep Acdmy High
  Univ Prep Acdmy Middle
  Univ Prep Acdmy-Ellen Thompson Elem
  Univ Prep Acdmy-Mark Murray Elem
  Univ Prep Science & Math Elem
  Univ Prep Science & Math High
  Univ Prep Science & Math Middle
  Univ Prep Science & Math-UPSM
  Universal Acdmy-Detroit
  University Liggett
  University Prep Acdmy-UPA
  University YES Acdmy
  Upland Hills
  US Truck Driver Training-Detroit
  US Truck Driver-Sterling Heights
  Utica Community Schools
  Van Buren Public Schools
  Van Dyke Public Schools
  Vernor Elem
  Vista Meadows Acdmy
  Vocational Opportunity Center
  Voyageur Acdmy
  Voyageur Acdmy
  Walled Lake School District
  Walsh College
  Walton Charter Acdmy
  Warren Consolidated Schools
  Warren Woods Christian
  Warren Woods Public Schools
  Warrendale Charter Acdmy
  Washington Elem-Washington
  Washington Life Center
  Washington-Parks Acdmy
  Washtenaw Christian Acdmy
  Washtenaw Community College
  Washtenaw Int School District
  Washtenaw International High
  Washtenaw Technical Middle College
  Waterford Montessori Acdmy
  Waterford School District
  WAY Acdmy Detroit
  WAY Acdmy W Campus
  Wayne County Community College
  Wayne Metro Head Start ACCESS
  Wayne Metro Head Start BECK
  Wayne Metro Head Start LATHERS
  Wayne Metro Head Start M&M
  Wayne Metro Head Start SHEAR
  Wayne Metro Head Start St. Albert
  Wayne Metro Head Start-Hamtramck
  Wayne Metro Head Start-Harper Woods
  Wayne Metro Head Start-HighlandPark
  Wayne-Westland Community Schools
  West Bloomfield School District
  West Highland Christian Acdmy
  West Village Acdmy
  Western International High
  Westland Christian Acdmy
  Weston Prep Acdmy
  Westside Christian Acdmy
  Westwood Community Schools
  Whitmore Lake High
  Whitmore Lake Public Schools
  Whitney Bloomfield
  Wilkinson Middle
  Winans Acdmy District
  Wines Elem
  Wing Lake Development Ctr
  WISE Acdmy
  Wolverine Center
  Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools
  Woodland Develop Center
  Woodland Park Acdmy
  Woodward Acdmy
  WSC Acdmy-Brighton
  WSC Acdmy-Ypsilanti
  Wyandotte Public Schools
  Yale School District
  Yale Senior Center
  Ypsilanti Comm. Middle WR Campus
  Ypsilanti Community Schools
  Zion Christian Prschl
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